Just for record purpose… I posted about the beginning of my Frozen Embryo Transfer at Venus Von and you can read it here.

Kind of tired and moody today as I went for the second scan. Lining increased to 7 and egg size was 10.5. Not much progress from Monday’s scan. My lining has to reach 8 and the egg size has to reach 16-18 before I start doing my ovulation test. If ovulation detected then I can proceed to Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) 2 days later.

I think this is seriously affecting me. I am feeling very nervous about this. Vic on the other hand is very stress-free about the whole FET. Why do I feel so nervous??? Clueless. I could only try to pray and then blog about it in the hope I suddenly get some insights on this feeling I am having.

Anyhow, I still have no idea why. Shall end my post here. Jiayou Von!

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Hi There!

Haven’t been posting much here cos I have been posting mainly on http://venusvon.com. That’s including my posts on my everyday life and about Celine! I’m trying to see if combining my blogs over at the same place works better. So do follow me at http://venusvon.com! I have also set up a FB page. Help me to like it! Thanks and have a wonderful week!! 😀

Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 11.27.55 pm

Celine fell off the bed

This is the biggest scare thus far and it happened right before my eyes!

Recently, Celine started standing up on her own without any help and she would take 2 steps and fall. So today, she was doing this exceptionally more. Probably, cos we were cheering her on and making her feel really appreciated for her efforts, so she kept doing it… While she was on the bed, and I was half lying, she decided to do that and dash toward the edge of the bed and *thump* she went down. Thank God we have a nylon soft bag that contains all my bags over there. She fell face down onto the bag-container.  It’s still rather daunting to recap this in my mind.

We rushed over and picked her up and she cried (of cos!). But she really only cried for a while. Not even a minute and she stopped. She must have wondered how she landed in an awkward position with her face on something and her legs still on the bed. Poor girl.

Anyway, she is still a very happy baby. No worries.

2014-04-12 16.49.02

You can see that she was still that interested in my phone. Pointing and wanting it.

2014-04-12 18.17.41

We went out for dinner with family and she was her usual self, happy and interested in everything, except taking photo. 😛 But when some of them tried to carry her, she moved her hand to cover her face, mouth, head and cried. A very cute sight even though she was crying. I think she was trying to cover her face so as not to see them. Like… “running” away from them. Haha! I wonder what was going through her mind…

Well, we went home, she had a good bath and drank her milk. Played on her own and fell asleep on her own. I am praying that she will have a good night of rest. 🙂

Another milestone checked off: Falling off the bed.


My active baby

Have been posting like just one entry per week. I have actually lots of photos and videos. But I just don’t have luxury of time to write on all those times. I love spending time with Celine more and more as she grows.

Tiring, it might be. But fulfilling, it definitely was.
IMG_0484 copy

Look at this little lady. My camera knocked her forehead causing her to have that little red patch over it. And she was still trying claw and paw at my camera. With drools over her chin and palms, SHE WANTS IT.

IMG_0501 copyAnother of her trying to crawl all over the place and this is her targeting at my camera again. I had lots of blurry photos taken cos of all the struggles I had with her. Haha.

IMG_0488_Fotor_Collage copyYes. About 2 weeks ago, I finally got Celine to eat a teething biscuit. She was so happy trying to devour it. And she almost finished every bit of it.

Celine has already started since 2-3 weeks ago to start standing without holding to things and also trying to walk around holding onto stuff. It was just so fun to see her getting stronger and stronger in trying to walk on her own. As of today, she could walk 2 steps without holding onto anything but she was too impatient and rushed forward and landed flat on her face. Haha. Thank God we only allow her to practise her walking on the sofa without holding onto her. Of course, we are always there to prevent her from falling off the sofa. I am so happy. She is going to walk on her own in no time!

In less than 2 more months, Celine will turn 1 year old. So happy! Erm. But not so happy that she usually only calls Papa and not Mama… Ok. She did call Mama just now but only when her Papa says, “Celine, call Mama.” She only listens to her dad?! 😛

Ok. Time to end my post. Randomly trying to write stuff before I forget about all those stuff. Goodnight!



Every Friday is grocery shopping for Celine


It’s Friday again! And I am already thinking of what food to introduce to Celine for next week.

Photo from http://www.fairprice.com.sg/

Just bought and introduced white button mushrooms to Celine and she likes it very much and ate a lot for lunch yesterday. 3 bowls of fish porridge with white button mushrooms. Yey!

Photo from http://iherb.com
Photo from http://iherb.com

I just saw this organic snacks that makes me feel like introducing to Celine. But my dear colleagues have just educated me that I am not supposed to introduce cheese to baby under 1 year old. Ok, that has to wait then.

Photo from http://iherb.com
Photo from http://iherb.com

Meanwhile, I am waiting for my order of food feeder to arrive. Celine has been munching her fingers, all thanks to teething period. So I guess letting her munching fruits in food feeder is better than her own fingers.

Food that I have introduced to Celine so far:

  • Porridge (cooked with pork added in for sweetness)
  • Threadfin fish
  • Carrot
  • Pumpkin
  • Butternut pumpkin
  • Broccoli
  • Organic baby spinach
  • Organic asparagus
  • White button mushroom
  • Teething biscuit
  • Dragonfruit
  • Apple juice

Wondering what I should introduce to her next…

I am already looking forward to seeing her later in the evening. So, here’s ending the post with a pic of my wonderful baby!

2014-03-24 09.54.30-2Enhanced by Zemanta

Celine is 10 month old tomorrow

Yippy! Another 2 months and Celine would be 1!  Hmm… And how is my preparation of her 1 year old celebration? Basically, nothing. Cos we are probably going to have a simple get-together with just the family.

I am actually rather excited that Celine is turning 1 in 2 months. That would mean a lot of things, like… she is shifting to another room for her bedtime… This would probably start to give Vic some good sleep. HE STILL WAKES UP AT EVERY SOUND THAT CELINE MAKES…  *roll eyes*. It’s no wonder that she calls him “Papa” first. But no worries, earlier on she made my day by repeating “Mama” many times (that is about three times). It’s good enough for me to plant a few more kisses on her chubby cheeks. And all I hope is that she has a good night sleep till 7am tomorrow.

I am seriously so tired now. Celine cried so badly yesterday cos she was having nightmare or something. And after some time, she woke up and I believed she had mistaken 12mn as 7am… She was so excited upon seeing me and Vic. We just had to make milk for her to bluff her into sleep again. Thankfully, she slept after she finished her milk…

Anyway, it’s late. Time for bed myself. Good night everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

A bundle of joy

Celine is just such a bundle of joy. I was having headaches but still spent some time playing with her. It’s always such a joy to see her crawling here and there and then giggling as we play with her. She finds such happiness in just standing up and falling down (on the bed) and then giggles away for a while before she repeats all that again. She brings much laughters even on a hot Saturday afternoon.

Celine is about 9.5 month old now. I just think babies grow up too quickly. Just a few months ago, she was only a fragile little infant in my arms and now she isn’t even 1 year old and could already understand us when we speak to her. It’s so fast! She is already trying to stand on her own without support. The whole day I saw her trying to stand up by holding to the rail of the playpen or back support of the sofa and then letting go of her hands one by one to allow herself to stand without support! We didn’t teach her that. It was just her instinct to want to progress and grow. This is just so amazing…

So as Celine approaches her one year old birthday, we are also thinking and planning for a second child. At any time, I tell people that I always wanted to have 3 kids since young. In fact, my ideal age of giving birth to my first child was 24! O well, life didn’t go as I planned and so I gave birth to my first child at 36 instead. :S At this age, I am just very happy to have a healthy child but then I guess deep down I still really desire to have 3 if I can have my way. I still have a frozen embryo and so I am going to try to thaw that and see if it is still good to be put into my uterus, and hopefully I get pregnant with that. Else I may just go with doing IVF all over again. The whole needle and blood works and scans too… I could see that little wish in hubby’s eyes not to let me go through all that again. O well. When I had none and the joy of having a child drove me to go through all that. So now that I have one and all the joy I busk in, even more, it’s not a problem going through those stuff again. SO. If I can have my way, I still hope to have 3 kids. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I am really enjoying being mother to this bundle of joy. Love her!



I think about Celine everyday… It’s strange that I think of her more now than when I just came back to work after maternity.

This little girl has been resisting trying to nap and when it comes to the evening time she gets rather whiny till she drinks her milk and sleep. And I just love looking at her asleep like this…

Celine IMG_0127



A busy Monday

What a busy day. In summary, it was going out, coming back, going out, coming back, going out and coming back again. Quick Quiz. How many sets of going out and coming back was there? Ha!

In between those were exchanging and installing the new cable TV set-top box, going for a medical check-up and buying groceries. I am super tired. Aching all over again cos I was once again carrying baby down to walk and buy groceries while the aircon servicing guys were doing maintenance for our aircons.

Did I mention that it was almost dejavu for me? I mean the carrying Celine down for a walk part. I had to bring Celine for a walk yesterday in the afternoon and I walked for almost 2 hours cos she refused to take a nap and was clinging on to me like a kaola bear at home. I was sweaty-sticky and she slept while I was walking in the midst of the crowded pasam-malam. Urgh! So I walked into the nearest air-conditioned supermarket and did shopping for groceries while she slept.

This lass is one fiesty one and rather persistent. I hope it will do her well in the days ahead. Too tired to write anymore. Shall end off with a collage pic of Celine!

2014-03-02 11_Fotor_Collage


A happy Saturday

Today, we went down to the childcare centre to register Celine for the playgroup class in Jan 2015. Finally, we have decided on sending her to Sunflower Kinderhub, which is behind our previous flat. Anyway, we are just glad that we have decided that she goes to this childcare centre for at least a year before we decide again if she should go to else where that is probably more curriculum-driven.

Then we went to Orchard with Vic’s cousin. Did some shopping and guess what? Vic was feeling really generous and bought this for me as a gift. For no reason!

Tory Burch-1

I am feeling very loved now just looking at this Tory Burch wallet. To be exact, it’s Tory Burch’s Robinson Oversized Smartphone Wallet.  I have been drooling over it for the last few months while surfing the internet looking at the brand’s smartphone wristlets. And today, it’s finally mine!! I feel so so happy! 😀

*ahem* coincidentally, the Motherhood magazine was there when I took the photo of the wallet, and so I guess, this must be a “reward” for being a good mother to Celine. Hee. But well… nothing beats the great feeling of motherhood itself.

Anyway, after shopping at Orchard, we came home for a short break and then went out again for dinner and then shopping at NTUC and Watsons nearby. And then a little dessert break before we call it a day. Tiring. While I was writing this post, Vic was sound asleep on the sofa for almost 1.5hours. Why was he more tired when I was the one that carried Celine throughout the day and even early this morning, I was the one carrying and pacifying her??? Ok. Maybe this is why he bought me the present? Haha!!!

I just feel so happy that my Saturday is well spent! Going to sleep now. Shall end with some photos of Celine. Look at my little imp’s expressions. She totally has that dun-mess-with-me look. Love her so much… *muacks*

Celine 010314-1

Finally, A Mom.

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